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I know what you did for us is your job, but I cannot express enough how much I appreciate all of your help.

My daughter's care and comfort is the most important thing to me and you have helped to ensure her happiness long term.  Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!"

Andrea A.

(Custody and parenting time)

You did it!  Thank you for guiding me so carefully through the divorce.

You were always helpful and quickly answered all of my questions. Your care and knowledge built my trust in you and that was so crucial to me.  I will always remember your kindness and the excellent quality of your work.  Thank you!!!"

Ken H.

(Divorce without children)

Thank you so much.

You didn't have to do what you did, but you always help me with the important stuff."

Audrey B.

(Power of Attorney for her mother)

I am so grateful for all of your help.

Facing a felony charge caused me great stress, but with your hard work, I am now able to relax and know that I will still be able to care for my children."

Brittany K.

(Felony Embezzlement reduced to a misdemeanor larceny charge)

It is hard to imaging how you would feel when you are arrested and charged with a criminal felony offense, but I found out and was devastated!

As soon as I spoke with Ms. Burger, I felt more at ease and could finally feel like I could breathe.  Though the process was long and tiring at times, she did not give up on me and I was able to get a good resolution to my case.  She is not one who just pushed me through the system, she fought for me the entire way.  I know people disrespect and criticize public defenders for not really doing anything for you, but that is not the case with Ms. Burger.  She fights for you every step of the way."

Tom P.

(Felony drug charges)

You don't realize how grateful my husband and I are to you! 

You have helped us finalize our family and we will always remember your compassion in guiding us through the process.  Thank you for all of your assistance with the adoption!"  

Amanda B.

(Step-parent adoption)

Kimm was such a pleasure to work with.

She listened to me the entire way through my divorce and I think she went above and beyond to help me get the best outcome."


(Divorce without children)

I highly recommend this office to anyone with a need in the areas of law practiced.

I've had several attorneys over the years, and Kimm Burger was by far the best legal representation experience I've had. She's professional and thorough, yet down to earth and very up front with her clients. She will do the best she can for your case without a doubt!"

Natasha C.

(Parenting time dispute)

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