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Versatile Representation for any Case!

Don't let your personal injury, property case, or establishment of a corporation be handled by an amateur attorney. KB Law Office will fight to make sure your rights are upheld.

Get legal advice for your personal injury and other civil cases.

General Areas of Civil Law Include

Personal Injury

Vehicle Accidents

Dog Bites

Wrongful Dealth

Litigation Defense

Formation of Corporations

Slip/Trip & Fall Injuries

Contact Kimm today to set up an appointment to discuss your particular issues and how KB Law Office can help you!

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While practicing in California, Ms. Burger worked together to achieve a settlement from a large company whose driver caused a fatal action.

Every civil court case is unique, and thus the representation for each should also vary. Attorney Kimm Burger’s strength lies in her versatility and ability to determine the appropriate skills needed in a given situation. Whether you need delicate negotiation or aggressive advocacy, the KB Law Office can help. 


Kimm prides herself on providing high-quality service, regardless if the case is large or small.

She believes people deserve compensation for injuries caused by the misconduct or negligence of others.  Suppose you’ve been injured due to another person or manufacturer's negligence or misdeed. In that case, you need the assistance of an experienced personal injury attorney to ensure you are justly compensated. Personal injury cases were one of the first legal areas Attorney Kimm Burger began practicing and continues to do so. Please get in touch with her for a free case evaluation.

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...[I] was extremely happy with the outcome, that [I] even referred a family member to the office for help in the matter.

KB Law Office sued and won an award for personal injury against a large chain physical therapy business."

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Hire a Devoted Defense Attorney

Not only does Kimm Burger prosecute personal injury claims, but she also provides defense when you are being sued. She takes every matter seriously because she knows this is a severe time for you.

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