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Compassionate Family Law Services from a skilled Attorney.

Domestic matters are stressful enough for all involved. Make things easier for yourself by contacting a lawyer who knows how delicate the situation can be.

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General Areas of Family Law Include

Divorce (Contested/UnContested)

Legal Separations

Custody & Parenting Time


Support (Child & Spousal)


Restraining Orders

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When you hire KB Law Office to navigate your family law case, beyond the best possible outcome, you receive compassion from an attorney that understands what you’re going through.

There are two parts to almost every family law matter – the emotional part and the financial part – and at KB Law Office, Kimm's job is to help you get through both. Clients often tell us that they feel a great sense of relief the very moment they retain our firm. Relief because they've taken the first step toward protecting themselves and their family, relief because their future instantly feels a little brighter, and relief because they know there is now a place to turn. Whether it's to respond to an unreasonable spouse, to seek the Court's assistance, or to help plan for the future, when you hire KB Law Office, you're not hiring a lawyer; you're hiring someone who genuinely cares about you and your children.


Going through a divorce or separation can be a very stressful process and takes an experienced litigator to ensure you receive everything you are entitled to.

Whether you and your spouse are in agreement about the division of all of your assets and debts or if there will likely be numerous obstacles to overcome to get to the final judgment, KB Law Office can effectively navigate the process to ensure a fair and appropriate outcome. Kimm has won significant awards for uncommon spousal support in our area and obtained significant property distributions for our clients. (Not all cases are alike, and outcomes vary by circumstances.)

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KB Law Office is amazing!

I HIGHLY recommend this office to all seeking an attorney. Kimm is extremely professional, well versed, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with."

Jeff U.

(Divorce with children)

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In Southern Michigan counties, one will find that most courts are pretty conservative concerning custody and parenting time.

They still hold to the adage that the best place for a child is with the mother. You will want to ensure that the lawyer you hire adequately knows the court system in which they work to get you the best possible outcome. The courts will hear not all demands for custody and parenting time, and nothing is guaranteed. Still, at KB Law Office, we have an outstanding track record in obtaining custody and parenting time orders conducive to our client’s wants/needs. Kimm Burger has even obtained numerous custody changes for fathers who have fought hard for their children.


That is not to say that we only help/defend fathers, as that is not the case. We aim to ensure everyone has an equal chance at parenting their children.


KB Law Office has guided hundreds of clients through successful negotiations and judicial determinations of custody and visitation rights that often accompany divorce and legal separation. We also provide experienced help obtaining modifications to existing orders due to significant changes in circumstances.


As an experienced family law attorney, Kimm Burger can fully explain your rights in helping you and the other parent shape a workable, flexible, and creative custody agreement that serves the interests of both the children and the adults. She is experienced in negotiating work schedules, school and activities, family holidays, vacations, weekend custody, and other obstacles to agreement. 

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