KB Law Office handles a variety of different types of adoptions and they are a part of our practice that we enjoy immensely.   Given all of the different things we see on a day-to-day basis, adoptions are the most uplifting cases we get to partake in.  Seeing families unite can give one no greater feeling of happiness.


At KB Law Office, we have been involved not only in Step-parent adoptions, we have also handled guardianship and direct placement adoptions.  Each adoption proceeding is unique in every way, so an attorney handling this type of matter needs to fully understand the facts surrounding the case and how to competently proceed.  Ms. Burger is that attorney for you. From parental consent adoptions to termination of rights, KB Law Office has done it all.

"Ms. Burger helped me with my husband's adoption of my daughter.  The process was seamless and she took all of the worries away.  I would highly recommend her for anybody seeking professional and quality representation."



(Step parent adoption.)