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My Path to Becoming a Lawyer

A successful attorney in Hillsdale, Branch, Jackson and Lenawee counties for more than a decade, Kimm Burger has a passion for the law and her community. The path to this career was not a straight one, it went from high school, to college for 2 years, to the Air Force, to finishing her undergraduate college degree, to marriage and kids and then to law school. Kimm has had many life experiences along the way which led her to practicing law. It is through these lessons, she says she can be a more compassionate and empathetic lawyer.

A native of Hillsdale County, Kimm left the area to pursue a degree in computer science and computer programming. She was in the Air Force and then, after her tenure there, she started working for Hughes Aircraft performing computer programming for the F-16 flight simulators. She then got married and moved with her now ex-husband to California for his work.

Kimm said she thought she would be a stay-at-home mom with her two young children while living in California, however, that lifestyle was not the right fit for her. She admits “stay-at-home moms have the hardest job in the world,” but it wasn’t something she wanted to do long term. “I joke that I didn’t like my kids that much,” she said with a laugh.

Looking to see what was out there, she enrolled in a local community college and began taking a few courses. One course was in web site design, but the other was a criminal law class. She thought she would take it “just for fun,” and ended up really enjoying the class and wondering if this was a path she should be pursuing. After speaking with her professor, she decided that the law was the career path she wanted to follow and took the LSAT exam in February and by August was enrolled in law school. When she sets her mind to something, she accomplishes it.

During this time she and her ex-husband were also going through a divorce. This experience, plus her love of helping people guided her to the path of civil and family law. “Having gone through some of this myself, I understand what my clients are going through. I think that really helps me relate to the clients and provides me with a greater understanding on how to help them.”

Kimm graduated from law school in 2008 and in 2010 moved back to Michigan and Hillsdale County to practice law in the community she grew up in. After working for another lawyer in the area for a few years, Kimm decided to hang out her own shingle and start her own law firm.

As a single mom and a lawyer, having her own firm helped her to set her own hours and practice the kind of law she wanted to practice. Take the kind of cases she wanted to take. While she is also a court-appointed attorney, Kimm is well versed in all areas of civil and family law. She also handles will and trusts.

A busy person in both her personal and professional life, one aspect of law that Kimm enjoys is how different each day can be and the challenges that brings. “On any given day, my schedule can go from appearing in court to appointments with client; it constantly changes,” she said. And while the cases may differ and the clients come and go, there is one constant in what keeps her drive and passion for law alive. “I like helping people through the most difficult times in their lives,” she says. Whether it is family law or a civil matter, Kimm knows that going through legal issues and the court system is complicated, creating stress and worry. “In criminal matters their freedom is jeopardized. You also have your family law with divorce and custody of children. Those are really tough times for a lot of people. It is rewarding for me to be able to help them through that.”

With a passion for helping people, supporting her community and her background in criminal, civil and family law, Kimm Burger is the right voice to speak for you. Contact her office at 517-797-6021 for help with any of your legal needs or email at

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