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General Information About Criminal Cases
Handled by KB Law Office

All information provided is generalized and not intended

to provide specific legal advice to any person

Some of the cases that have been successfully handled by KB Law Office include:

For answers to more specific questions, please contact KB Law Office and set up a consultation today.

Violent/Assaultive Crimes

Case #1:

One Count of Domestic Violence 3rd Offense

KB Law Office was able to reduce the charges to a misdemeanor DV first offense charge with limited jail time.  The client was able to maintain his employment and the disruption to his life was minimal.

Case #2:

One Count of Child Abuse 4th Degree

This case was a little different in nature as there had been a lot of domestic violence in the home at the hands of an alcoholic husband/father.  Here, mother ended up being charged with child abuse because she was grabbing the phone from her child and ended up grabbing his arm.  KB Law Office was able to negotiate a deal in which the charges would be dismissed if she were to successfully complete rehabilitative services.  After her services, the charges were dismissed.

Case #3 :

Domestic Violence

The client was charged with domestic violence against his former girlfriend stemming from an argument with her in a parking lot. Ms. Burger tried the case and the client was found not guilty of the charges

Drug/Alcohol Crimes

Case #4 :

One Count of Possession of Cocaine - Drug Supplemented

A criminal client was charged with possession of cocaine, drug supplemented, stemming from police officers attempting to execute an outstanding warrant.  The officers described the client as reaching into his pocket, pulling something out and throwing it to the ground.  Upon searching, the officers indicated they found a baggie of cocaine with an approximate weight of 1/2 gram within a few feet of the client.  The client wished to take the issue to trial and after trial, the jury found the client not guilty.

Case #5:

One Count of Delivery of Methamphetamine Causing Death – a Life Offense

Our client was charged with delivery of a controlled substance causing death wherein the charges were brought due to an overdose of another individual.  KB Law Office investigated all of the claims and evidence and after doing that, submitted a motion to quash the bind over to circuit court on the basis the prosecution lacked sufficient evidence to proceed.  The court agreed and this charge was dismissed in its entirety.

Case #6 :


Client was charged with Operating While Intoxicated wherein the officer testified that the client had been drinking and ran his car off the road.  However, during the trial, Ms. Burger was able to establish the officers did not thoroughly investigate the incident in that the client did have an accident, but he was not drinking at the time of the accident. The client had swerved to miss a deer, went into the ditch and walked several blocks back to his home.  While he was there, and being mad that he put his new car into the ditch, he began to drink.   After testimony had concluded, the client was found not guilty.

Sex Crimes

Case #7 :

Inappropriate Touching of a Minor

Client was charged with inappropriate touching of a minor and after trial and thanks to the skills of Ms. Burger, the jury found that the prosecutor had not met its burden of proof (beyond a reasonable doubt) and the case ended up with a hung jury.

Case #8 :

Possessing Child Pornography

Client was charged with multiple counts of possessing child pornography, Ms. Burger was successful in getting the charges dismissed.

Case #9 :

One Count CSC 2d degree, 3 Counts of Distributing Sexually Explicit Material and 1 count of Indecent Exposure

After reviewing the case, thoroughly examining the video interviews of the "victims," scrutinizing the witness statements and police reports, KB Law Office was able to work out a deal with the local prosecutor that would dismiss all four felony counts wherein the client would plea to two misdemeanor (1 year) crimes.

Financial/Theft Related Crimes

Case #10 :

One Count of Embezzlement over $20,000 – a 10-year felony

This client was charged with embezzlement of funds from her place of work after her employer learned that she had illegally taken over $20,000 from them.  She was charged with a 10-year felony and KB Law Office was able to work out a deal with the prosecutor wherein the client would be charged with a misdemeanor offense and the felony charge would be dismissed.  The client was extremely happy with this outcome.

Case #11 :

Larceny Charges

Client was charged with several larceny charges stemming from the client’s acquaintances, however, Ms. Burger was able to get those charges dismissed for lack of evidence.

These cases represent a small portion of what KB Law Office handles on a daily basis and the results are not typical and a guarantee of results that future clients may expect.  Every situation is different and each case needs to be discussed in depth to determine the best possible outcome.

police officer with focus on handcuffs and radio

Being arrested for a criminal offense, or learning that you are facing a criminal investigation, can be one of the most traumatic experiences a person may face. It is imperative that anyone who finds themselves in this type of situation speak with a qualified and experienced defense lawyer right away. If retained early enough in the criminal investigation process, KB Law Office may be able to intervene and consult with the investigating officer or District Attorney in order to have charges dismissed or significantly reduced.

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